Highbridge Hills Sports Complex —
Some of the most famous Disc Golf Courses in Minnesota and Wisconsin!

Highbridge Hills is located near Lake Superior on one of the highest hilltops in Ashland County, Wisconsin. We are known for disc golf, home of some of the most famous disc golf courses in Minnesota & Wisconsin. We are the LARGEST DISC GOLF COMPLEX IN THE WORLD and are open 24/7 for your enjoyment! We are also great for barefoot walking/running, biking, camping, hiking, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, bird watching, stargazing, and kiteflying.  Come here and practice creative pursuits like painting, writing, photography, or to just relax and enjoy nature in our 400 acres overlooking the beautiful Penokee Mountain Range!

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Get you, your family, and the dog outside this winter and DISCover our winter wonderland at Highbridge Hills!

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Another season starts! After 9 days of hunting, the Highbridge disc golf courses come back into colorful life! Yes, Chestnut Grove not only is all about night golf. Six volleyball courts along with the RC cars/trucks and BMX bike tracks will be fully operating in the spring. But for now, bring your buddies and come disc golf, ski, ice skate, and enjoy some snowman volleyball! After some evening disc golf, enjoy a warm bonfire and enjoy the Highbridge starry skies with Johnny who now has a couple very nice telescopes the Cable Historical Museum was kind enough to borrow!


What's New?

By Highbridge Hills Sports Complex

"Will this sunset warm a cold frigid day?  Green grass only 65 days away!" says John!  Wow!  Does he forget we had snow through May last year?  Think this calls for a contest!  When do you think the snow will be gone...for good?  We will observe from five locations, Chestnut #18, Blueberry #1, Bear #6, Granite #15, and Gold #3.   You can put in your guess with your name and email address through our website contact page.http://highbridgehillssc.com/pages/Contact/  
We will have a pool of guesses through Jan 31st and then another pool Feb 1-Feb 21st.  Those who make a correct guess by Jan 31st will win a new Highbridge disc, a free day of camping and golf, plus a $25gift certificate for the pro shop! Those who put in a correct guess between Feb 1-21 will win a disc and one day of free camping and golf.  Please only guess for one of the contest pools.  The winners will be announced in May!  (Also, if several people guess the winning day, those names will be drawn to see who the winner is.)  
Just another reason to look forward to spring!  But for now, enjoy the snow!  It will be gone before we know it!